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The Nine
A film about homelessness in Modesto

Wed. March 1

(Doc) 1 Hr. 38 Min. (Digital) In English

With issues surrounding homelessness and transience plaguing cities across the U.S., it was Modesto that managed to capture the attention of filmmaker Katy Grannan. Her focus was “The Nine,” the city’s notorious South Ninth Street, a strip that divides Modesto between haves and have nots, and runs a jagged parallel to Highway 99. There is nothing left of the American dream on The Nine—a solemn destination for those who have relinquished the dream. The Nine is a no man’s land where the rules of polite society do not apply. The people living along The Nine form a ravaged micro community whose Darwinian existence is a day-to-day hustle, and survival is by any means necessary. Kiki, however, is the rare bright light whose magnetic optimism is a means of self-preservation. Her childlike enthusiasm belies the stark reality that surrounds her. The Nine, filmed in an elegiac style, honors the casualties of a broken system—people who might otherwise be forgotten. Like a Townes Van Zandt song, The Nine is a film about the beauty of those who fall by the wayside, a bittersweet country ballad that feels at times like a torn from a novel by John Steinbeck or William Faulkner.
The State is hosting Grannan and producer Marc Smolowitz during a special screening of The Nine after which there will be a Q&A.

Doors at 6; film at 7 p.m.

Wed 3/1 7:00 p.m.
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