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12 Things Every State Theatre Volunteer Needs to Know

Welcome to The State. We very much appreciate your willingness to volunteer and help make our patrons' visits here enjoyable. Below are some of the guidelines that will allow you to be comfortable and effective in your role as a greeter, a host, an usher and one of the many people dedicated to seeing that we provide good, positive and customer-friendly experiences for every film, concert or special event.

1.) Attire is a black, long-sleeved shirt, black dress slacks or skirt, and black shoes (nothing open-toed or high-heeled). Please wear sensible shoes since you may need to go up and down stairs. No bare legs, sandals or backless shoes. Dress is conservative and business-like.
2.) Volunteers are urged to bring their own small flashlights. (We buy ours at the Dollar Store and keep a few on hand, but they often go home with volunteers and don't always come back.) By bringing your own, you're assured of not having to grope your way in the dark!
3.) We ask that volunteers arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before doors open so they can get situated and discuss their assignment with the volunteer coordinators, the house manager or with the general manager.
4.) Volunteers can put their personal belongings in one of the lockers provided in our concessions area, however, we do encourage you to leave valuables at home. There is a lot of traffic in this area and we are unable to guarantee the safe-keeping of valuables (cash, credit cards, jewelry and things of that nature).
5.) We ask that volunteers - who are entitled to a free soft drink and small popcorn during or after their shift - are never seen eating or drinking in view of patrons.
6.) If any questions or problems pop up, please seek out the house manager, the operations manager or the general manager.
7.) During concerts, we always have security on duty. If volunteers experience, or see, any problems with patrons, including annoying or harassing other patrons, excessive alcohol consumption, medical issues (stumbling, falling), we ask that you seek out security and have them deal with the issue. We do not want to put our volunteers or staff in harm's way so, please do not try and deal with unruly, rude or inebriated patrons on your own. If there is no security on duty during your shift, seek out the house manager, operations manager, or general manager. He or she will call a cab if the patron is inebriated, or call 911 if the situation warrants it.
8.) We appreciate our volunteers' efforts very much, and if there are open seats during a concert, we urge volunteers to stay and enjoy the music. If there are no empty seats in the house, volunteers may stand in the house during a concert. Because we are a non-profit, we are not able to offer our volunteers free or discounted admission to films, concerts or special events. We are all working to keep the theater alive and vibrant and though your help is invaluable, we simply aren't able to give away tickets.
9.) At the end of your shift, please let the volunteer coordinator know, and also ask for another volunteer or a State staff member to walk you to your vehicle.
10.) General information: We have a "lost and found" in the main box office. If you find a sweater, cell phone, glasses, etc., please turn the item into the box office - or give it to the house manager - as soon as you can. There is a first-aid kit in the concessions area. No outside food or beverages are allowed into the theater. No one may leave the premises with an alcoholic beverage in hand - there are no exceptions to this whatsoever! In case of a spill that needs cleaning up, please ask a concessions staff member to assist you. If they are not able to help, they can provide you with a clean towel. Always report any suspicious behavior or activities that concern you to the house manager, operations manager or general manager.
11.) We ask that our volunteers adhere to the same rules that govern staff members and that includes not using cell phones while assisting patrons or in view of patrons - at any time. If you need to make or receive a phone call or simply want to check your text messages, please excuse yourself to an area that is out of view of patrons. Preferably, leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket during your shift.
12.) Have fun. You are often the first person to engage our patrons in conversation so we look to you to help make their experience here truly memorable and always enjoyable.



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